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            Calcium hydroxide

              I. Product name: Calcium hydroxide

              II. Specifications: powder

              III. Product introduction

              1. Alias: Slaked lime; calcium dihydroxide; calcium hydrate; dihydroxycalcium

              2. Molecular formula: Ca(OH)2, relative molecular mass: 74.093

              3. Physical Properties: fine white powder, slightly soluble in water, corrosive.

              4. This product has features like fine powder, uniform size distribution, regular shape, high purity, high activity, good solubility, high whiteness, etc.


              IV. Uses:

              In raw material of bleaching powder and bleaching powder concentrated.

            Name Calcium content Magnesium oxide Ferric oxide Aluminium oxide Silicon oxide Hydrochloric acid insoluble
            Calcium hydroxide ≥95% ≤0.35% ≤0.36% ≤0.5% ≤0.4% ≤0.7%

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