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            Necessity Firewood anhydrous magnesium chloride

            Modern life, people increasingly pay attention to the building fire, so that the modified binder material for the magnesium chloride with alkali or alkali-resistant glass fiber cloth as reinforcing material made of large format sheets, mainly used for building hanging items within walls and other parts of the fire protection requirements of the decoration. This sheet is both lightweight and flexible and re-processing performance wood-based organic board, but also fire resistant and water-resistant properties of the inorganic sheet. Firewood has the dual advantages of organic and inorganic plate panels, China has many large projects using magnesium fire sheet glass in the decoration. After several years of application practice proof, with favorable results, and this plate export volume quite a bit.

            Fire board system board machine mainly non-combustible material chlorine oxygen magnesium, magnesium oxide, alkali-resistant glass fiber cloth, wood as the main materials, processed with a special production process through a full set of automated assembly line equipment. Environmentally friendly, odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-smoking, high-strength lightweight, noise insulation, waterproof fire, not freezing does not rot, swelling minimal shrinkage without cracking, deformation and many other advantages. For the substrate to alkali glass fiber cloth to enhance and add cheap sawdust, straw, fly ash and other materials for the filler, made from a variety of composite fire board, decorative plates can be made fire board, building templates, ceiling panels, dado panels, wall panels and other products, the product has excellent fire, water resistance. Design, rational structure.

            Today gypsum board and calcium silicate boards and other inorganic fire sheet due to strength, water, secondary processing performance that does not meet the construction requirements, which makes more room for development to further expand the fire board, fire board industry development for magnesium chloride sales production has brought new business opportunities, increased magnesium chloride.


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